Standards for High Risk Foot Services (HRFS) in NSW


“The Standards” will be used to:

  • Provide a consistent definition for HRFS
  • Reduce clinical variation, aligning existing services to
  • state, national and international guidelines
  • Guide the implementation of new HRFS
  • Identify services with the capacity to provide Telehealth services to support areas without a comprehensive high risk foot clinic


  • Facilitate equity of access to an appropriate level of foot care for all patients in NSW by supporting a basis for standardising the clinical services
  • Improve care co-ordination and strengthen the multi-disciplinary approach to management of the high risk foot


Standards have been released to all LHDs (except Sydney Children's Hospitals Network).  Phase 1 has provided an opportunity for interested sites to complete a self-assessment of their services against the Standards.  Phase 2 (proposed for Q3/4 2015) will link locations without a comprehensive high risk foot service to robust sites identified in Phase 1.



  • Endocrine Network members
  • HRFS working group

Key Dates

March 2015

Standards released to all LHDs

June 2015

Phase 1 completed.  Self-assessment of 18 sites completed to compare existing service against Standards.

Lismore Community Health/Northern NSW LHD

Grafton Community Health Podiatry and High Risk Foot  Clinic/Northern NSW LHD

Ballina Community Health/Northern NSW LHD

Casino Community Health/Northern NSW LHD

Tweed Heads Community Health/Northern NSW LHD

Liverpool/South Western Sydney LHD

Bankstown/South Western Sydney LHD

MacArthur/South Western Sydney LHD

Westmead/Western Sydney LHD

Blacktown/Western Sydney LHD

Wollongong/Illawarra Shoalhaven LHD

Shoalhaven/Illawarra Shoalhaven LHD

RPA/Sydney LHD

Concord/Sydney LHD

Greater Newcastle Cluster/Hunter New England LHD

Royal North Shore Hospital/Northern Sydney LHD

Gosford/Central Coast LHD

St Vincents/St Vincent’s Health Network

Pilot Sites

Implementation Sites


Evaluation plan in development.

Related Initiatives

Further Details


Dr Kerry Newlin
Endocrine Network Manager
02 9464 4626

Daniel Comerford
Director, Acute Care
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Dr Kerry Newlin
Endocrine Network Manager
02 9464 4626