Pre Procedure Preparation / Perioperative Toolkit


To review the NSW Health Guideline: Pre-Procedure Preparation Toolkit.


To review the existing toolkit to ensure it supports best practice for pre procedure care for patients undergoing surgery or a procedure.

The existing toolkit was developed in 2007 by a working group of the Surgical Services Taskforce. The Anaesthesia Perioperative Care Network, in collaboration with the Surgical Services Taskforce, is currently reviewing the document. As part of the review process, work has also being undertaken to include information specific to Aboriginal/Torres Strait Islander people in the toolkit.


A steering group, comprised of members from the Network and the Surgical Services Taskforce, was established to agree on changes to the toolkit, including what constitutes minimum standards of pre procedure care for NSW public hospitals. The revised Perioperative Toolkit is due for release in the first quarter of 2016.


The review process has included:

  • A survey of Local Health Districts (LHDs) and Specialty Networks to gather feedback on the current toolkit.
  • Consultation with Aboriginal Health Workers and Aboriginal Medical Services.
  • Formation of multidisciplinary steering committee to agree on changes to the toolkit.


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The 2007 toolkit can be found at:


Ellen Rawstron
Manager, Anaesthesia Perioperative Care Network
02 9464 4641 | 0400 304 090

Donald MacLellan
Director, Surgery, Anaesthesia and Critical Care
02 9464 4604

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Ellen Rawstron
Manager, Anaesthesia Perioperative Care Network
02 9464 4641 | 0400 304 090