Palliative and End of Life Care: A Blueprint for Improvement


The Blueprint aims to guide services and Local Health Districts in constructing their own localised models of care.


The Blueprint emphasises the need for an integrated approach to care whereby relationships between specialist palliative care providers and care providers across all settings of care are fostered. It seeks to enhance networks of support, to build skills and competence in providing care to those approaching and reaching the end of their lives and seeks to better support patients, families and carers along the way.


The Blueprint for Improvement has been developed to provide a flexible guide for health services to meet the needs of people approaching and reaching the end of their life, their families and carers.

The Blueprint website is a dynamic resource portal for palliative and end of life care resources where clinicians, managers, planners and consumers can access resources from the ACI and the NSW Clinical Excellence Commission to support local improvement and innovation.  The website can be accessed at:


The NSW ACI Palliative Care Network has undertaken extensive consultations with patients, their carers and families; specialist palliative care providers, primary, aged and acute care providers, other medical specialists and range of other key stakeholders.

Over 1,200 stakeholders were consulted; research-based evidence considered and an innovative Fact of Death Analysis undertaken by the ACI’s Health Economics and Evaluation Team.

The Diagnostic Report to Inform the Model for Palliative and End of Life Care Service Provision identified 12 key learnings that directly informed the upcoming Blueprint for Improvement.


Statewide consultation with a range of medicare locals, primary care providers including general practitioners, palliative care specialists, non-government organisations, patients, families and carers.

Key Dates

Pilot Sites

Implementation Sites


The Network will work with the ACI Health Economics and Evaluation Team to evaluate the outcomes of the ACI Palliative Care program in accordance with the NSW Government Evaluation Framework and Understanding Program Evaluation: An ACI Framework.

Related Initiatives

  • Implementation of the NSW Government plan to increase access to palliative care 2012-2016
  • Implementation of the Advance Planning for Quality Care at end of life: Action Plan 2013-2018
  • Tools and initiatives being carried out by the Clinical Excellence Commission


Lea Samuels
Acting Palliative Care Network Manager
02 9464 4615

Chris Shipway
Director, Primary Care and Chronic Services
02 9464 4603

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Lea Samuels
Acting Palliative Care Network Manager
02 9464 4615