Non-Invasive Ventilation (NIV) Guidelines for Adult Patients with Acute Respiratory Failure


Provide clinicians in critical care areas and specialist respiratory care units with best practice guidance regarding the provision of NIV for appropriately selected patients detailing clinical assessment, NIV therapy management and patient care.

Ensure safe and effective NIV is provided to patients and they are managed in the appropriate clinical settings in NSW hospitals.


  • Improve patient experience and outcomes
  • Reduced need for invasive ventilation, prolonged mechanical ventilation and tracheostomy
  • Reduce length of stay


The NIV for Management of adults with Acute Respiratory Failure Guidelines are based on available evidence and expert consensus from clinicians working  in critical care and specialist respiratory units in NSW.

The guidelines provides care recommendations for:

  • NIV indications and contra indication
  • Patient assessment
  • Continuum of NIV therapy
  • Patient comfort and compliance
  • Escalation of therapy
  • Palliation
  • Nursing care, hydration and nutrition and infection prevention.


NIV has recently emerged as a core therapy for the management of acute respiratory failure.

There is rapidly emerging evidence base for NIV and advancing technology for delivery of NIV.

A critical care audit of NIV practices in NIV setting demonstrated significant variation across NSW.

The NIV guidelines are available from the NIV website.


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An evaluation plan is in development.

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Cecily Barrack
Manager, Respiratory Network
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Cecily Barrack
Manager, Respiratory Network
02 9464 4625