Improving Patient Outcomes from Cataract Surgery Study


The primary aim of the research is to explore patient-centred outcomes of cataract surgery in Australia and the effectiveness of currently available tools to assist Australian Ophthalmologists to appropriately plan surgery for people with cataract.


While there is a large body of knowledge describing visual improvement following cataract surgery, we currently know little about the expectations that Australian cataract patients have of their impending surgery, or their satisfaction with post-surgical outcomes. This research will provide important information on which to shape patient-focused criteria for cataract surgery referral, including measures of driving confidence and quality of life.

Up to 500 bilateral cataract patients in NSW will be assessed for vision function and quality of life prior to cataract surgery, and at three month time points following first eye and second eye surgery. Expectations of and satisfaction with cataract surgery will also be examined. In addition, the current cataract surgery referral practices of Australian eye care professionals will be investigated.


The outcomes of this study will aid Australian eye health professionals to better determine the suitability of a patient for cataract surgery and appropriately time surgical referrals. This research provides foundation for the more efficient and effective management of cataract surgery candidates, with potential benefits both to patients and surgical services.

The Improving Patient Outcomes from Cataract Surgery project is being conducted in conjunction with the George Institute for Global Health’s FOCUS study in NSW, and is supported by funding from the Agency for Clinical Innovation.

Three researchers will carry out the recruitment and assessments of participants for both the Cataract Outcomes and FOCUS studies.



  • Save Sight Institute
  • South East Sydney Local Health District
  • Western Sydney Local Health District
  • South Western Sydney Local Health District
  • Northern Sydney Local Health District
  • Agency for Clinical Innovation

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Pilot Sites

Northern Sydney Local Health DistrictRoyal North Shore Hospital
South Eastern Sydney Local Health DistrictSydney Hospital and Sydney Eye Hospital
South Western Sydney Local Health DistrictBankstown Lidcombe Hospital
Western Sydney Local Health DistrictWestmead Hospital

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Sarah-Jane Waller
Ophthalmology Network Manager
02 9464 4645