Hepatitis C: A guide to current treatment and care


To provide health care managers and staff with information to help design and implement services for the best care for patients with hepatitis C in their own environments.


Improvements in clinical practice and patient care.


The document describes standards of care across ten different service settings. This initiative is part of the wider development of a model of care for hepatitis C services in 2014/15.


The Gastroenterology Network, Viral Hepatitis Working Group within ACI was established in 2008 to support the implementation of the Review of Hepatitis C Treatment and Care Services (2008) which was undertaken by the Ministry of Health (MoH).

In response to the review the Working Group decided to commence work on a document titled “Hepatitis C: A guide to current treatment and care”.

The aim was that the document could be used by LHDs to:

  • Design the most appropriate model for their service
  • Build capacity within existing treatment and care services.

The document has been developed with input from the Working Group which included clinicians from LHDs, representatives from community organisations, the Ministry of Health, general practitioners, Justice Health, Academic Institutes, Researchers and ACI.

It is a summary resource and provides a description of existing services with similarities and differences highlighted. It includes templates that could be adapted for use by health services and it identifies the role of community organisations in the treatment and care journey. The guide has been finalised and circulated to LHDs, Community Organisations, the Ministry of Health and other relevant organisations (as identified in the distribution list of the guide).

In 2014 ACI, with funding from the Ministry of Health, will work with the Viral Hepatitis Working Group in developing a discussion paper to scope a hepatitis C model of care to respond to future interferon free therapies and the potential system funding that would be required to deliver these. This work will include consulting with and mapping existing services and analysing the infrastructure requirements needed to deliver future models and therapies. The Working Group has endorsed the ACI Triple Aim philosophy: to improve the experience of care; improving the health of the population and controlling cost. Updates regarding this project are available in the Factsheet section. The project will be completed in April 2015.


Key Dates

Pilot Sites

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Hepatitis C services will be asked to evaluate the guide to Hepatitis C document and to provide feedback on its value and whether they have any recommendations for further inclusions.

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