ACI Guidelines for Home Enteral Nutrition (HEN) Services (2nd edition)


To provide a generic best-practice framework for the care of people needing HEN.


The ACI Guidelines for HEN services promote a coordinated, multidisciplinary and patient-centred approach for people requiring HEN.


The ACI Guidelines for HEN Services provide guidance on the management of both adult and paediatric patients requiring HEN. They include:

  • Organisation of HEN services
  • Initiation
  • Implementation
  • Monitoring
  • Transition
  • Termination of HEN.

The guidelines do not cover specific disease states or parenteral nutrition.


The ACI Guidelines for HEN Services are for all health care professionals who are involved in the care of all HEN patients. The Guidelines are also for healthcare organisations and governments who are responsible for health service planning.

The Guidelines reflect the patient pathway for HEN services, including:

  • Clinical assessment for HEN
  • Nutrition support access and methods of delivery
  • Nutrition care plans and implementation
  • Monitoring and review
  • Transition and termination
  • Documentation, governance and evaluation.

The original Guidelines were developed in 2007. An ACI expert reference group was established in 2011 to review and update the Guidelines based on new literature.




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Evaluation of implementation of the Guidelines will be conducted in 2015. 

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The Guidelines are available on the ACI website


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Network Manager, Nutrition
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Tanya Hazlewood
Network Manager, Nutrition
02 9464 4635