Framework for Urinary Continence in Children and Young People


This initiative aims to provide leadership, support and advice on development of a framework for paediatric urinary continence that includes evidenced based guidelines, education, development of resources and brings in the voices of children, young people and their families.


The potential benefits include:

  • development of state wide evidenced based guidelines for clinicians that aim to improve patient care
  • development of an education app targeted at GPs
  • links to information about continence issues in children and young people on the relevant ACI websites
  • information on the experiences of children and young people that brings in the voices of consumers
  • trial of pop up clinics that aim to improve access for rural and regional patients.


The ACI Working Group for Development of a Framework for Urinary Continence in Children and Young People was established in August 2015. The initiative is being led by A/Prof Patrina Caldwell and Rowan Cockerell (Chief Executive, Continence Foundation of Australia) and will be supported by the ACI Urology and Transition Care Networks.

The group will provide expert advice to develop evidence based recommendations that improve outcomes for children and young people with continence problems arising in childhood. The target group will include a broad range of health professionals such as GPs, specialists, subspecialists, NGOs, continence nurses, physiotherapists and psychologists with the main focus on medical professionals.



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Lynne Brodie
Transition Care Network Manager
02 9464 4617