Fascia Iliaca Blocks for older people with hip fracture


To develop a toolkit of resources facilitating Fascia Ilaica Block (FIB) as a method of pain management in hip fracture.


  • To assist in the practical application of effective pain management as referred to in the Minimum Standards for Hip Fracture; 
  • To reduce the harm arising from overuse of opiate medications; 
  • To provide a method of implementing application of the procedure.


A toolkit including guide, video, implementation approach, and  audit tool has been developed and implemented at St Vincent’s Hospital and modified for statewide implementation at sites where there is sufficient local governance to support such a procedure and approach.

The objectives of the toolkit are to:

  • To provide the tools and resources to enable the use of fascia iliaca block (FIB) as an analgesic option for patients with acute hip fracture.
  • To ensure patients with suspected or confirmed acute hip fracture are provided with safe and effective pre-operative pain relief.

The material is located on the ACI website at: http://www.aci.health.nsw.gov.au/resources/aged-health/hip-fracture/fascia-iliaca-block


St Vincent’s Hospital Pain Service had begun a process of using FIBs as the preferred method of pain management for older people admitted with suspected or confirmed hip fractures to minimise the incidence of delirium and harm before and after surgery.

Many supporting tools and resources were developed as part of this project. St Vincent’s Hospital approached the ACI as it felt that there was relevance to other hospitals wishing to pursue this technique, and duplication of effort would be avoided if the materials were supported through an ACI process.

A Steering Committee was convened and has overseen the development of the resources to ensure alignment with evidence, current practice, variation in service design and staffing, and applicability across the state. A statewide consultation process has been undertaken and documents have now been finalised on the ACI website. A feedback sheet is included in the toolkit facilitating ongoing modification and review.


  • St Vincent’s Health Network
  • NSW Ambulance 

Key Dates

Pilot Sites

St Vincent's Health NetworkSt Vincent's Hospital

Implementation Sites


Evaluation will occur late in 2016 to determine the uptake of the resources.

Contemporaneous updates will occur as the evidence changes or feedback received.


Jenni Johnson
Manager, Pain Management Network
02 9464 4636

Chris Shipway
Director, Primary Care and Chronic Services
02 9464 4603

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Jenni Johnson
Manager, Pain Management Network
02 9464 4636