Diagnostic Report to Inform the Model for Palliative and End of Life Care Service Provision


The Diagnostic Report aims to define the problems associated with the provision of palliative and end of life care and to better understand the root causes of those problems with a view to developing longer-term, evidence-based solutions.


This Diagnostic phase has identified key challenges in the provision of care to people approaching and reaching the end of life. By identifying and refining the ways in which we describe these – in light of the breadth of evidence gathered – the Model of Care development process then looks towards describing the ways in which end of life journeys can be improved. The findings of this Diagnostic Report provide the ACI with the basis on which to develop solutions and a Model of Care that directly address the core problems that have been identified.


The Diagnostic Report summarises the results of a comprehensive evidence gathering process involving patients and carers, primary care, aged care, acute care and specialist palliative care professionals. Over 1,200 stakeholders were consulted; research-based evidence considered and an innovative Fact of Death Analysis undertaken by the ACI’s Health Economics and Evaluation Team.



  • Patients, families, carers and volunteers;
  • Primary care providers including general practitioners, residential aged care facility staff, community nurses, medical specialists, hospital staff, Aboriginal health workers;
  • Non-government and community agencies;
  • Specialist palliative care providers;
  • End of life governance committees in Local Health Districts;
  • Planners, managers, researchers;
  • Medicare Locals;
  • Other Pillars

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Heather Davey
Acting Palliative Care Network Manager
02 9464 4615

Chris Shipway
Director, Primary Care and Chronic Services
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Heather Davey
Acting Palliative Care Network Manager
02 9464 4615