Community Acquired Pneumonia Clinical Variation


To assist clinicians and managers within NSW hospitals to investigate and address clinical, process and systems factors that may contribute to unwarranted variation in outcomes for adults admitted with community acquired pneumonia (CAP).


  • Improve patient outcomes
  • Reduce unwarranted variation in outcomes following admission for CAP


  • Consultation with lead clinicians to develop a CAP audit tool
  • Test CAP audit tool in four pilot sites in NSW and review the effectiveness of the tool for identifying factors that may contribute to unwarranted variation in patient outcomes
  • Provide the CAP audit tool for all LHDs and SHNs to enable investigation of factors associated with variation and to develop targeted service improvement strategies.
  • ACI will develop mechanisms for benchmarking and to share effective service improvement strategies.


The Bureau of Health Information released a Pneumonia 30 Day Mortality Report in 2013 which demonstrated variation in mortality across NSW hospitals. Need to investigate potentially contributing factors and where appropriate to identify targeted service improvement areas.

British Thoracic Society has given permission to ACI to adapt their CAP audit tool.


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For further information contact the ACI Respiratory Network Manager.


Cecily Barrack
Respiratory Network Manager
02 9464 4625

Daniel Comerford
Director, Acute Care
02 9464 4602

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Cecily Barrack
Respiratory Network Manager
02 9464 4625