Clinical Practice Improvement (CPI) Training Program


The CPI training program provides clinicians with training in a methodology to address a problem or issue they have identified as adversely affecting patients. They then undertake a project to address the problem, with the ultimate aim being to improve patient outcomes / care or patient experiences.  


The methodology, once learned, can be applied to a variety of clinical settings and enhance patient care and clinical quality.

There can be savings both monetary and in decreased length of stay. Some projects successfully manage to reduce variation in what they do and therefore improve processes and standardise care. Teams are interdisciplinary and can work more closely together towards a common goal.

The training helps created a pool of staff skilled in quality improvement. Participants can use being on a CPI team as part of their continuing professional development for their AHPRA registration.

Projects can be submitted to conferences, for publication or put up onto a website to share with others.


CPI training is offered as a blended learning model which involves pre-reading, on line e-learning modules, a two day face to face workshop, a midpoint review at 6 months and a final presentation to the Executive of the Local Health District or Specialty Health Network. 



  • All Local Health Districts
  • Special Health Networks
  • Ambulance Service NSW
  • HETI
  • Cancer Institute NSW
  • ACI
  • Royal Australasian College of Physicians
  • Australian Red Cross Blood Service

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Related Initiatives

This CPI training program is also a component within the LHDs as part of the Foundational Clinical Leadership Program and as part of the Executive Clinical Leadership Program.

Further Details

More details information about the initiative:


Cathy Vinters
Program Leader, CPI training Program
02 9269 5509

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Cathy Vinters
Program Leader, CPI training Program
02 9269 5509