Clinical Practice Improvement Program for Advanced Trainees and Recent Fellows


  • The purpose for Clinical Practice Improvement (CPI) is to build capacity in front line staff to improve healthcare processes and to achieve efficiency, reduce harm and improve satisfaction of the patient experience; 
  • A one-year program aims for Advanced Trainees to gain skills in patient safety and improvement methodology and to undertake a project to improve patient outcomes; 
  • A unique program which will help the RACP Advanced Trainees to recognise areas where improvements in the health system are needed, and to equip them with new skills to change the system.


The CPI Program provides an opportunity for RACP Advanced Trainees and recent FRACP graduates to focus on developing their non-technical skills as well as their medical expertise. Quality and safety is central to all aspects of patient care.

This program provides the Advanced Trainees with the skills required to recognise and respond to improvement opportunities. It also gives participants some of the skills required to be future leaders in health system.

The program aligns with several domains of the RACP Professional Qualities Curriculum including communication, quality and safety, teaching and learning, leadership and management, health advocacy and the broader context of health.

Previous participants of this program had presented their projects both nationally and internationally in order to share their work with others in their field and they have become mentors to future participants.

They have gone on to be leaders in quality and have used the same methodology to undertake further projects. Their hard work is being recognised and their feedback has included:

  • “It made me feel part of the team”
  • “It gave me an excuse to speak to other disciplines”
  • “It was a great way of bonding with the team”
  • “The program was one of the highlights of my training”


The RACP and CEC Clinical Practice Improvement Program for Advanced Trainees and recent Fellows, is a joint initiative of the Royal Australasian College of Physicians (RACP) and the Clinical Excellence Commission (CEC).  

The CPI methodology provides a framework so that participants can undertake a comprehensive diagnostic of the causes of process failures, which lead to inefficiencies and/or patient harm, and design solutions to improve patient care.

This program will enable clinicians to improve the safety and quality of care to patients through:

  • Enhancing the knowledge of clinicians about quality improvement theory
  • Improving the ability of clinicians to identify causes of process failures within their clinical teams
  • Enhancing clinicians' personal and professional leadership skills
  • Developing interdisciplinary teamwork
  • Equipping healthcare facilities with personnel who can apply improvement methodology to effect change, implement evidence based practice and address problems identified during root cause analyses
  • Designing effective solutions using plan, do, study, act (PDSA) tests of change
  • Awareness of micro-system re-engineering, human factors and reliable design principles
  • Foundation in measuring for quality using statistical process control charts
  • Spreading and sustaining change and improvement
  • Developing Healthcare Leaders


This is the fourth year the program has run. Projects have been completed in a number of areas and have resulted in improvements in

  • Labelling specimens in a Paediatric emergency department
  • Reduction in avoidable Paediatric admissions
  • Developing education programs for staff to teach parents and patient how to use anaphylaxis medications
  • Improved handover of patients from the PICU to the ward


Royal Australasian College of Physicians (NSW branch)

Key Dates

April 2015

The CPI workshop component of this program will take place in April 2015 at the offices of the Royal Australasian College of Physicians. Completion of the program will be in March 2016.

Pilot Sites

Implementation Sites


The initiative will be evaluated annually on an ongoing basis.

Related Initiatives

This initiative is directly linked to the work of the CEC CPI training program:

Further Details


Cathy Vinters
Program Leader, Clinical Practice Improvement
02 9269 5509

Dr Sarah Dalton
Clinical Director
02 9269 5504

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