Clinical Practice Improvement (CPI) Advisors Group


The CPI advisors group aims to bring quality managers together to share their knowledge and experiences with each other as well as working together to develop resources for use across the NSW public health system.

This group communicates by monthly teleconference and meets face to face annually for a professional development workshop. Members have also been involved in a collaborative workshop with Clinical Redesign leads.


The program enables quality managers to meet up with peers in a similar position, who can assist with directing or sharing policies or procedures.

CPI advisors share how their organisation has responded to changes within the system around accreditation and national standards and how they are implementing or supporting CPI initiatives in their Local Health District (LHD) / Specialty Health Network (SHN).

The group has a shared HSnet site where articles of interest or resources can be uploaded to share.


CPI advisors assist in facilitating table top exercises during CPI workshops at a local level within their LHD/SHN and also as part of the CEC Clinical Leadership Program



  • All Local Health Districts
  • Specialty Health Networks
  • Ambulance Service NSW
  • HETI
  • Cancer Institute NSW
  • ACI
  • Royal Australasian College of Physicians

Key Dates

Pilot Sites

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Related Initiatives

This CPI training program is also a component within the LHDs as part of the Foundational Clinical Leadership Program and as part of the Executive Clinical Leadership Program.

Further Details

More details information about the initiative:


Cathy Vinters
Program Leader, CPI training Program
02 9269 5509

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Cathy Vinters
Program Leader, CPI training Program
02 9269 5509