Clinical Analytics Initiative


To extract data from the electronic medical record and work with clinicians in using information to deliver quality and efficiency initiatives, and research the future needs for clinical analytics.


  • Enable clinician led improved quality, safety and efficiency initiatives using data from the electronic medical record; 
  • Increase clinician engagement with information from the electronic medical record.



The move towards electronic clinical data provides a very important opportunity to provide real-time information across all care settings to support clinical decision making and monitor the operation of the health systems from a quality, safety and efficiency perspectives. To achieve this, a significant investment is required to provide resources to support this activity. Data standards, governance, supporting clinicians and building the systems capacities.

The pilot work is to understand the requirements of clinicians in using data extracted from the electronic medical record and develop solutions to meet their needs. Three areas of focus:

  1. Diagnostic orders analysis
  2. Analysis of Rapid Response Calls
  3. Clinician experience using the electronic medical record
  4. Research the future requirements for clinical analytics

Tools have been developed to support this work and will become available for use by Local Health Districts.


  • Agency for Clinical Innovation
  • eHealth
  • Activity Based Funding

Key Dates

July 2014This initiative will be reviewed by eHealth when it is established in July 2014.

Pilot Sites

Work is currently underway at Coffs Harbour and Port Macquarie hospitals – orders analysis. Rapid Response calls analysis at Royal North Shore Hospital. Electronic Medical Record monitoring – user experience at a number of Local Health Districts.

Implementation Sites


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Further Details


Ronan Herlihy
Project Manager
02 9269 5614

Dr Peter Kennedy
Deputy Chief Executive, Clinical Excellence Commission
02 9269 5500

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Ronan Herlihy
Project Manager
02 9269 5614