Develop and Implement an ACI Knowledge Management (KM) Approach


To partner with Health Services to develop and implement an approach that supports collaboration, learning capability and sharing knowledge about innovation and improvement projects in health services.


A robust KM approach will serve NSW Health by ensuring:

  • Both small and large-scale innovations and improvements generated across health services are recognised and shared to benefit the broader health system
  • The work of the ACI is shared across the NSW Health system to encourage effective partnerships and assist in delivering better health outcomes, improved patient experience and efficient service delivery.


ACI is working with clinicians and managers from NSW Health services to develop a holistic knowledge approach that supports system-wide objectives to improve health outcomes for patients and organisational efficiency.


The Australian Resource Centre for Healthcare Innovations (ARCHI) transferred to the ACI  in February 2013, providing the opportunity to consolidate clinical innovation knowledge for sharing across the NSW  health system and beyond.

ACI completed a diagnostics and solutions phase in consultation with stakeholders in developing the knowledge approach.

This knowledge-approach will combine the use of technology and social media, as well as build networks and collaborations.

It is expected this will contribute to:

  • Enhancing collaboration with partners
  • Providing more accurate and accessible information and knowledge resources
  • Assisting a reduction in costs by reducing duplication of effort
  • Increasing speed of response as a direct result of better knowledge access and application
  • Reducing the tendency to ‘reinvent the wheel’ or ‘repeat the same mistakes’
  • Improving efficiency and quality of work with more collective and systematic processes.


  • All Local Health Districts 
  • CEC
  • Ambulance Service NSW
  • Sydney Children’s Hospital Network - Westmead

Key Dates

February 2013The Australian Resource Centre for Healthcare Innovations (ARCHI) transferred to the ACI providing the opportunity to consolidate and improve clinical innovation and project knowledge for sharing across the state health system.
April 2013Needs Analysis (Diagnostic): Focus groups and one on one interviews were carried out with up to 130 clinicians and managers across LHDs, SNHs, Pillars and Ambulance Service to identify current initiatives, specific knowledge needs and issues to guide the approach.
June 2013Solution Workshop with 50 representatives from across LHDs, SHN’s and Pillars to identify solutions and ideas to support the knowledge approach.
July - August 2013Draft Report for Consultation – ACI Knowledge Management Approach.
December 2013Knowledge Management Approach distributed to Local Health District and Specialty Hospital Network stakeholders and made available on the ACI website.

Pilot Sites

Implementation Sites


Methods of evaluation and monitoring are to be determined.

Related Initiatives


Anna Nicholes
Knowledge Manager
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Director, Clinical Program Design and Implementation
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Anna Nicholes
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