Access to Health Services for People with Intellectual Disability: The Patient Story


  • To inform people with intellectual disability, and their carers, about how the health system works to address their needs; 
  • To give health professionals insights on how the people they care for interact with the health system.


Adapting the health service needs of people with intellectual disability according to their identified needs.


Ten patient stories have been collected to identify how patients’ health needs are met – and how the experiences of people and their carers experience access to NSW health services.


Ten people with intellectual disability, or their carers, gave detailed stories of their experience to health services and professionals. They are at different life stages and in different geographical areas of NSW. These stories will help inform health policy makers and clinicians to improve the way services and care are delivered.


This project is an initiative of the Access and Equity subcommittee of the Intellectual Disability Network whose membership includes carers and consumers, Clinicians and managers from Health and other government agencies.

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After new policy is implemented and service delivery is changed with the introduction of the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) in NSW, ten more stories will be collected to see how services and care have changed for people with intellectual disability.

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Tracey Szanto
Manager, Intellectual Disability
02 9464 4632

Chris Shipway
Director, Primary Care and Chronic Services
02 9464 4603

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Tracey Szanto
Manager, Intellectual Disability
02 9464 4632