Accelerating Implementation Methodology (AIM)


  • To increase Implementation capability across NSW Health; 
  • To embed AIM principles in large-scale program and model of care implementation; 
  • To apply AIM principles in Local Health District project implementation.


Given the scale and pace of change-initiatives there is an ongoing demand for increased capability in applying AIM principles across the NSW Health system. The AIM strategy moves beyond training, to build capability through application of the principles in practice. 


AIM provides a practical guide for managing change-projects. NSW Health has used AIM since 2007 to increase capability for implementing improvement programs.

AIM provides action-based tools and tactics to improve the speed, success and sustainability of implementation processes.

ACI has invested significantly to develop experienced AIM practitioners and instructors to build AIM capability at both the local health service and state health service levels. This is a key factor in sustaining and spreading AIM proficiency.


The AIM strategy group consists of AIM-accredited personnel with broad representation of educational, operational and strategic roles from local health services, HETI, CEC and ACI.


Key Dates

February 201322 additional staff became accredited AIM practitioners, 30 instructors were certified and 14 AIM leaders commenced work on an AIM strategy for the NSW Health System
March 2013Mentor / Buddy system established
May 2013New AIM course offered locally
July 2013Presentation and materials developed for an AIM workshop tailored to project sponsors.
July 2013Implementation History Assessment tool used to survey a range of staff members on historical, organisational factors that may impact implementation of a specific project in Wagga Wagga Health Service. Interpreting the results of this AIM tool allows the project team to focus efforts on areas of need to increase the likelihood of success.
August 2013New AIM course offered locally
September 2013New AIM course offered locally
October 2013New AIM course offered locally
December 20132-Day AIM course presentation and materials refreshed for contemporary context.

Pilot Sites

Implementation Sites

Hunter New England Local Health DistrictHunter New England Local Health District
South Western Sydney Local Health DistrictSouth Western Sydney Local Health District
Sydney Local Health DistrictSydney Local Health District


Evaluation will be assessed in the following ways:

  • Measure increase in 2-day course participation
  • Measure increase in 2-day course delivery by accredited personnel
  • Measure increase in SponsorShop delivery
  • Measure how many trainer-accredited staff have delivered AIM courses
  • Measure impact of AIM principles in implementation.

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Lea Kirkwood
Program Manager, Centre for Healthcare Redesign
02 9464 4657

Raj Verma
Director, Clinical Program Design and Implementation
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Lea Kirkwood
Program Manager, Centre for Healthcare Redesign
02 9464 4657