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Electronic Persistent Pain Outcome Collaboration - routine patient outcomes reporting of pain management intervention

Aim: The NSW pain plan provided funding and an outline of a system of collecting and analyzing data from NSW pain clinics which quantified patient outcomes.

Benefits: The routine collection and analysis of data regarding patient outcomes is an important aspect of service delivery and improvement. The data enables benchmarking across NSW services as well as nationally enabling us to build on the service aspects that deliver the best outcomes.

ACI Ready to Implement Added: 25 February 2015|Last updated: 25 February 2015

Understanding the Role of Health Economics at ACI

Aim: Improved decision-making to support the delivery of sustainable, system-wide change proposals.

Benefits: Describes how health economics will be integrated into the work of the ACI; Articulates the objectives and principles of the ACI economics function and team; Demonstrates how health economics supports the development and implementation of ACI models of care; Provides high-level explanations of key economic techniques and documents.

ACI Ready to Implement Added: 8 November 2013|Last updated: 20 January 2014

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