Management of Osteoarthritis

The Osteoarthritis Chronic Care Program (OACCP) is a coordinated multidisciplinary model of care that supports people with osteoarthritis of the hip and/or knee at all stages of the disease trajectory. While the model of care has been evaluated in hospital outpatient settings with people who are already on the waitlist for surgical hip or knee joint replacement, trials led by the ACI Musculoskeletal Network since have been undertaken in primary care settings with collaboration and partnership between local health districts and primary health networks. The evaluation indicates that OACCP is effective in consideration of improved patient outcomes and improved health system utilisation in outpatient settings. The interventions used to attain these results have been applied and trialled in various localities across NSW.


Osteoporotic Refracture Prevention

The Osteoporotic Refracture Prevention model of care was designed to guide best practice coordinated, multi-disciplinary care to improve outcomes for people with minimal trauma fracture, resulting in reduced refracture rates and the resultant health usage, morbidity and mortality that refracture causes. The key requirement is the development of Fracture Liaison Services (FLS) that can be coordinated from hospital out-patient or primary care settings, depending on the needs and willingness in local communities. FLS require the allocation of a health professional – often a senior nurse or physiotherapist – to coordinate the activities of the patient group, and access to a medical officer who can undertake the medical needs of the patients. The medical officer can be drawn from a range of hospital-based specialties or from general practice if contemporary evidence is consistently applied in that setting.


About the Musculoskeletal Initiatives

ACI support

Robyn Speerin describes how the Network can support the implementation of the Musculoskeletal models of care in the Better Value Healthcare program.


Robyn Speerin introduces the models of care to be implemented and why they are important for NSW.


Getting started

Robyn Speerin talks about getting started with the musculoskeletal initiatives.


Musculoskeletal model of care

The clinical leaders of the Musculoskeletal Network describe the role of the Network in the development and implementation of the models of care.


Why work with the ACI

The clinical leaders of the Musculoskeletal Network describe the role ACI plays in implementing system-wide change.


Outcomes and the value of a statewide approach

The clinical leaders of the Musculoskeletal Network explains the benefits of implementing the models of care statewide.

Integrated Local Musculoskeletal Service

This will be a trial conducted during the Leading Better Value Care initiative to determine if an integrated service can be implemented with a seamless service across primary and secondary care settings for people accessing the OACCP and the ORP. Rural and metropolitan sites are invited to work with ACI on how this could be delivered in their localities starting from a base that is depicted in the two diagrams.


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