Leading Better Value Care Program

Commencing in 2017/18, the NSW Health system will refocus - away from the traditional approach of measuring value in terms of volume/output in relation to costs, to measuring value in terms of the Triple Aim of health outcomes, experience of care and efficient and effective care (in relation to costs).


About Better Value Healthcare

Healthcare is adapting to suit the changing needs and expectations of communities, patients and carers. NSW must meet the challenges of planning, funding, delivery and evaluation of services that are posed by an increased demand, an ageing population and the increased prevalence of chronic disease.


Frequently Asked Questions

The Agency for Clinical Innovation and Clinical Excellence Commission recognise that Local Health Districts and Specialty Health Networks will have questions regarding the implementation of the Leading Better Value Care clinical priorities over the course of the program.


Better Value Healthcare in NSW

Chris Shipway, Director of Primary Care and Chronic Services, ACI, gives an overview of the resources available to support the program.